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When Starting A Training I Keep Seeing These Messages: Clearml.Model - Info - Selected Model Id: 7Bd69Df73653400197A2Ddb438B2A046 Also Under Artifacts > Input Models A Lot Of Input Models Are Listed. This Is Because I Save Cache Files During Training, The

When starting a training I keep seeing these messages: clearml.model - INFO - Selected model id: 7bd69df73653400197a2ddb438b2a046
Also under artifacts > input models a lot of input models are listed. This is because I save cache files during training, they are saved as .pt files with torch.save

Is it possible to solve this somehow? the cache files are not models

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

Any chance you can open a GitHub issue so we do not forget this feature ?

Posted one year ago

Yes, it did I think that makes sense

Posted one year ago

using auto_connect_frameworks={'pytorch': False} now

Posted one year ago

Hi GreasyPenguin14

  1. Did using auto_connect_frameworks={'pytorch': False} solved the issue? ( I imagine it did )
  2. Maybe we should have the option to have wildcard support so I will only auto log based on filename. Basically using auto_connect_frameworks={'pytorch': "model*.pt"} will only auto log the model files saved/logged , wdyt?
Posted one year ago