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Hi Everybody, I'M Trying To Run An Experiment Inside A Docker And I Get: Repository Cloning Failed: Command '['Git', 'Checkout', 'Commit-Id', '--Force']' Returned Non-Zero Exit Status 128. (I Set Git_User And Git_Pass) Anyone Know How To Solve? I Tired

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to run an experiment inside a Docker and I get:

Repository cloning failed: Command '['git', 'checkout', 'commit-id', '--force']' returned non-zero exit status 128.
(I set git_user and git_pass)

Anyone know how to solve?
I tired git push before,


Posted 2 years ago
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Hi SparklingElephant70

Anyone know how to solve?
I tired git push before,

Can you send the entire log? Could it be that the requested commit ID does not exist on the remote git (for example force push deleted it) ?

Posted 2 years ago
1 Answer
2 years ago
one year ago