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Hey There, I See That In The Autoscaler Configuration, The

Hey there, I see that in the autoscaler configuration, the queues param accept dictionaries with values of type list of lists (see eg below.) What does it means? which configuration is used when an experiment is queued in such queue? v100 or t4? random one? v100 with fallback on t4?
"queues": { "aws-v100": [ [ "v100", 10 ], [ "t4", 10 ] ] }

Posted 2 years ago
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TimelyPenguin76 That sounds amazing! will there be a fallback mechanism as well? often p3.2xlarge are on shortage, would be nice to define one resources req as first choice (eg. p3.2xlarge) -> if not available -> use another resources req (eg. g4dn)

Posted 2 years ago

Hi JitteryCoyote63 ,

v100 will be used, in the coming feature we will have priorities too, will keep you updated about it

Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago
3 Answers
2 years ago
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