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I’Ve Played Around With Clearml Data And Spotted Sth Weird Basically, I’Ve Created 3 Datasets

I’ve played around with ClearML Data and spotted sth weird
Basically, I’ve created 3 datasets
#1 have 9444 files added to #2 has #1 as parent and I’ve added 1 more file (using sync cli command) #3 has #2 as parent and I’ve modified 2 files (using sync cli command), yet, the Data Summary show that I’ve modified 2 files in #1, 2 files in #2 and in #3 as wellMaybe I’m misunderstanding about ClearML Data, can someone helps me explain this behavior?
Additionally, I’m using ClearML-server 1.1.1 and ClearML 1.1.2

Posted one year ago
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So the flow is:

clearml-data create --project "data example" --name "my dataset"
clearml-data add --files <list of files>
clearml-data upload
clearml-data close

clearml-data create --project "data example" --name "my dataset" --parents <first dataset id>
clearml-data sync --id <first dataset id> --folder <list of files>
... `

Posted one year ago

I’ll try to reproduce this scenario to confirm no problem occurs during the generation of these datasets

Posted one year ago

Yes, basically like this

Posted one year ago

Hi GrittyKangaroo27

did you also closed the dataset?
Can you attach the commands with the order of all the datasets?

Posted one year ago

TimelyPenguin76 As I remember, I’ve closed all dataset right after upload the data to ClearML-server

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago