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Does Anyone Get These Junk Logs From Matplotlib While Using Clearml? Is There A Way To Disable It?

Does anyone get these junk logs from matplotlib while using clearml? Is there a way to disable it?

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 5

are you using matplotlib ? could it be the binding check if matplotlib exists ? could it be you are running it with DEBUG on (i.e. global log level debug) ?

Posted 2 years ago

StraightDog31 how did you get these ?
It seems like it is coming from maptplotlib, no?

Posted 2 years ago

I would guess that for some reason loglevel is DEBUG, could that be the case?

Posted 2 years ago

We are using matplotlib in some tasks

Posted 2 years ago

Yes it is. They come always for us. Even if there is no matplotlib in requirements

Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago