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Feature Request: We Have Several Servers With Multiple Gpus, And Atm We Have To Manually Check Which Gpu Has Enough Memory Before Queuing Each Experiment Into The Right Queue. It Would Be Cool If We Could Set Required Gpu Memory Parameter For Each Experim

feature request:
we have several servers with multiple GPUs, and atm we have to manually check which GPU has enough memory before queuing each experiment into the right queue. it would be cool if we could set required GPU memory parameter for each experiment, and ClearML then would queue it according to the currently available resources

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

got it, thanks!

Posted one year ago

Hi DilapidatedDucks58 ,

ClearML supports dynamic gpus allocation as part of the paid version - https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/clearml_agent#dynamic-gpu-allocation

can this help?

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago