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Hi, I Am Running A Pipeline (Which Does Preprocessing And Training) ? Once Training Ends, I Want To Automatically Publish The Task (Model). Reading The Docs, I Tried This Approach Below. I Wrote A

Hi, I am running a pipeline (which does preprocessing and training) ? Once training ends, I want to automatically publish the task (model). Reading the docs, I tried this approach below.
I wrote a
def step_completed_callback(pipeline,node): Task.get_task(node.base_task_id).publish() print(f'publish task\t{node.base_task_id}')

Posted 2 years ago
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More than the documentation, my main issue was that naming executed is far too vague.. Maybe something like executed_task_id or something along that line is more appropriate. 👍

Posted 2 years ago



 is the base task, which will always be in draft mode, Instead we should use the 


 which references the current executed node.

YES, maybe we should add that into the example, so it is clearer ? WDYT?

Posted 2 years ago

Just figured it out..
node.base_task_id is the base task, which will always be in draft mode, Instead we should use the node.executed which references the current executed node.

Posted 2 years ago

Hi DeliciousBluewhale87
Yes that should have worked, can you verify the task status ?

Posted 2 years ago
4 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago