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Hi Clearml Experts. I Have A Question About Deploying Clearml On Kubenetes. Why Kubernetes? Does Clearml Also Provide An Execution Environment On Kubernetes Like Pachyderm? Or Will It Rely On External Engines (Like Say Spark On Kubernetes) To Run The Jobs

hi clearml experts. I have a question about deploying clearml on kubenetes. Why kubernetes? does clearml also provide an execution environment on kubernetes like pachyderm? or will it rely on external engines (like say spark on kubernetes) to run the jobs?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi NonsensicalSeaanemone47
I'm assuming you mean k8s as compute cluster?
If so, then yes clearml adds priority scheduling on top of your existing kl8s cluster. It also allows you to reuse images as the k8s spins the base container image and then inside the container image the agent sets the environment of the experiment (clones code, apply diff, install missing python packages etc.)
It also gives visibility into the executed pods.
Make sense ?

Posted 2 years ago

hi AgitatedDove14 thanks for answering. Kubernetes is unexplored for me, but your answer makes sense. I am going to start implementing things hands on will ask if any doubts. Thanks again.

Posted 2 years ago
2 Answers
2 years ago
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