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Hi, I'M Trying To Use The Clearml-Logger To Present Images In The Results-Plots Tab : Logger = Self.Task.Get_Logger() Logger.Report_Matplotlib_Figure(Title=File_Name, Figure=Fig, Series='', Iteration=Iteration) However, The Image Does Not Exist In The Res

Hi, I'm trying to use the ClearML-logger to present images in the results-plots tab :
logger = self.task.get_logger()
logger.report_matplotlib_figure(title=file_name, figure=fig, series='', iteration=iteration)
however, the image does not exist in the results under the plots tab.
this used to work perfectly till the latest updates of ClearML, do you have any idea what can be the reason for that?

Posted 3 years ago
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GiganticBat57 if you are running this code, do you get the output?
` import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from clearml import Task

task = Task.init(project_name='tests', task_name='test matplotlib')
logger = task.get_logger()

N = 50
x = np.random.rand(N)
y = np.random.rand(N)
colors = np.random.rand(N)
area = (30 * np.random.rand(N))**2 # 0 to 15 point radii
plt.scatter(x, y, s=area, c=colors, alpha=0.5)

Plot will be reported automatically

logger.report_matplotlib_figure(title="Matplotlib Title", figure=plt, series='Matplotlib Series', iteration=0)

task.flush(wait_for_uploads=True) `

Posted 3 years ago

Hi Alon, thank's for your quick response!
I'm using clearml==1.0.3
and I do not get it under the debug samples section.

Posted 3 years ago

Hi GiganticBat57 ,

Do you get the image under debug samples section? which clearml version are you using?

Posted 3 years ago

I have tried to use the clearml==1.0.4, and it doesn't work either.

Posted 3 years ago

Can you try with the latest? pip install clearml==1.0.4 ?

Posted 3 years ago
5 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago