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Hi, What'S The Expected Flow When Running An Agent In Docker Mode, And My Git Repo Requires Ssh Keys For Cloning? E.G.

Hi, what's the expected flow when running an agent in Docker mode, and my git repo requires SSH keys for cloning? E.g.
Include an SSH key within the Docker container during the build process (security issue)? Somehow inject the SSH key into the docker when starting the agent? But seems like only username --git-user and password --git-pass can be injected into the daemon?
Any suggestions of dealing with SSH keys for Docker mode?

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 2

Hi GracefulDog98
The agent will map the ~/.ssh folder automatically into the docker's /root/.ssh
It will also convert http links to ssh pull if you set force_git_ssh_protocol
in your clearml.conf :

Posted 2 years ago

The agent will map the ~/.ssh folder automatically into the docker's /root/.ssh


Posted 2 years ago