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Hi All! My Team And I Are Considering Using Clearml For Our Organization'S Ml Infrastructure Needs And I Have A Couple Of Basic Questions About The (Cloud) Ops Side Of Things That I Wasn'T Clear On From The Online Documentation.

Hi All! My team and I are considering using ClearML for our organization's ML infrastructure needs and I have a couple of basic questions about the (cloud) ops side of things that I wasn't clear on from the online documentation.
What precisely does the professional/enterprise offerings of clear ML host? Is it just the clear ML server, or do they host and manage agents as well? In case of BYO agents - we'd want (most likely) cloud hosted agents. The way the clearml-agent documentation is written seems to indicate that agents are VMs and not containers running in the cloud. Since we use Azure, is there a recommended setup for the agents (e.g. just create VMs, or push up web app services or container instances based on a custom docker image)?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi AntsyDove49 , I'll ask someone from the ClearML Sales team to contact you regarding these questions 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks so much!

Posted 2 years ago