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Hi, Would It Be Possible To Parse Torch Requirement When It’S Part Of The Extras_Require Dict? In My Code, I Have The Following:

Hi, would it be possible to parse torch requirement when it’s part of the extras_require dict? In my code, I have the following:
train_task._update_requirements([".[train]"])and my setup.py is like this:
... extras_require={ "train": ["torch==1.7.1", "pytorch-ignite @ git+ "],In clearml-agents, the CPU version of torch is installed - the clearml-agent doesn’t try to guess the right GPU wheel. But if I do instead:
train_task._update_requirements(["torch==1.7.1", "."])Then the agent correctly installs the GPU version.

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi JitteryCoyote63
Yes I think you are correct, since torch is installed automatically as a requirement by pip, the agent is not aware of it, so it cannot download the correct one.
I think the easiest is just to add the torch as additional package
# call before Task.init() Task.add_requirements(package_name="torch", package_version="==1.7.1")

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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