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Having An Issue With Fileserver Being Unable To Start Upon Running Docker-Compose. I'Ve Tried To Restart All Of The Containers As Of Now.

Having an issue with fileserver being unable to start upon running docker-compose. I've tried to restart all of the containers as of now.

ERROR: for fileserver Cannot start service fileserver: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint clearml-fileserver (ddd14a7d928f00b7b9c4240677cadefddb1a37738287c6e4a46ae502fa07d31e): Bind for failed: port is already allocated

Posted 2 years ago
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Either by a previous ClearML/Trains fileserver docker container (which you can see by running docker ps ), or by a totally different service/application (try netstat -natp | grep 8081 to see possible offenders ­čÖé )

Posted 2 years ago

Well, it basically means the port is already taken

Posted 2 years ago

Now working on trying to get the initial task snippet to output to the private server instead of the demoapp

Posted 2 years ago

Well, you just need to configure your clearml.conf file - use clearml-init and it will guide you through the setup

Posted 2 years ago

INFO - No repository found, storing script code instead
ClearML results page: https://demoapp.demo.clear.ml/projects/f162ce3ea926446e9198d27d4255b5a5/experiments/cac013f3f7c64836885225bc5e5d3d3c/output/log

Posted 2 years ago

Had to redownload some things and now have it working

Posted 2 years ago
6 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago