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Hello Everyone! Maybe Can Guide Me To The Documentation For This. I Want To Access Existing Artifacts, E.G. Model Weights, That I Saved During A Task. I Want To Do A Test Run Locally And For This Create A New Task. Now I Want To Something Like In Clearml-

Hello everyone!
Maybe can guide me to the documentation for this. I want to access existing artifacts, e.g. model weights, that I saved during a task. I want to do a test run locally and for this create a new task. Now I want to something like in clearml-data Dataset.get(dataset_id=args.dataset).get_local_copy() but more like this Artifact.get(artifact_id).get_local_copy() . I want to load artifacts of other tasks!

EDIT: I think I got it. You have to look into the tasks and models documentation, not artifacts.

train_task = Task.get_task(task_id="YourTaskId") train_task.models["output"][-1].get_local_copy()
However, I would still prefer to just load the model via the model-id.

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi ReassuredTiger98 ,

For Model you can try:

` from clearml import Task

local_model = Model(<YOUR MODEL ID>).get_local_copy() `

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks a lot. I somehow missed this.

Posted 2 years ago
2 Answers
2 years ago
10 months ago
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