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We Had A Problem Moving From Google Drive To Bucket Storage (S3, Google Storage, Etc.) In That We Still Wanted To Be Able To Mount The Bucket As A Network Drive. We Were Able To Find A Stable, Free, Open Source, Multiplatform Way To Do This. The Instruc

We had a problem moving from Google Drive to Bucket storage (S3, Google Storage, etc.) in that we still wanted to be able to mount the bucket as a network drive. We were able to find a stable, free, open source, multiplatform way to do this. The instructions for Windows are below:

RClone was the solution - specifically, it can mount an S3 bucket as a network drive for free.
Download and unzip rclone:  https://rclone.org/downloads/Put this folder onto your desktop and name the folder "rclone"Open cmd and run rclone config - fill it out.  Instructions:  https://rclone.org/s3/[my_credentials_for_s3] type = s3 provider = AWS env_auth = false region = us-east-1 acl = bucket-owner-full-control access_key_id = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX secret_access_key = YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYThe output should look like this (with proper keys) and will be in C:/Users/myname/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
3. Install WINFSP (Windows File System Proxy)  http://www.secfs.net/winfsp/rel/
4. Create a bat file to mount the drive
   a. Create a file in the "rclone" folder that has the rclone.exe executable and name it "mount_s3.bat"
   b. Edit mount_s3.bat an add:
call rclone mount my_credentials_for_s3:path/to/my/data/on/S3 S:   c. Double-click the mount_s3bat file to mount the drive.  This window will need to stay open to keep the drive mounted.  This could possibly be put into a Windows service and made automatic.

Now you can access the data on the S network drive by just clicking one file!

Posted 3 years ago
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We were able to find a stable, free, open source, multiplatform way to do this

You mean to move the data from the gdrive to object storage ? or to just mount the gdrive ?

Posted 3 years ago

ClearML does not work easily with Google Drive.

Yes, google drive is not google storage (which ClearML supports 🙂 )
Seems like you solved it?

Posted 3 years ago

Move from gdrive to S3 bucket storage. This mounts the S3 bucket storage as a network drive. ClearML does not work easily with Google Drive.

Posted 3 years ago

At least I made S3 enough like Google Drive to make our team happy.

Posted 3 years ago

LOL that's the spirit , making your team happy is key to success in adoption 🙂

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
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