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Is There A Reason

Is there a reason clearml will use the demo server when there is no ~/clearml.conf ? In my opinion this really has to be changed to throw an error instead. If some user has a misconfigured machine (e.g. no clearml.conf it will push potentially proprietary data to the public demo server.

Posted 2 years ago
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Is there a reason 


 will use the demo server when there is no 



It's the default server for easy getting started journey, e.g. you run some sample code and it works , with zero configuration.
that said you can set an environment flag to disable the default server behavior .


it will push potentially proprietary data to the public demo server.

The server if sully erased every 24h, so at least if something did happen it will not last long.
Lastly, to have full control I would recommend blocking the demoserver address on the firewall/dns

Posted 2 years ago

Now that we have the free tier (a.k.a community server) we might change the default behavior.
The idea is always to allow an easy way to on-board and test the system.
BTW: what's the scenario where your machine reverted to the default configuration (i.e. no configuration file) ?

Posted 2 years ago

Hey Martin, thank you for answering!
I see your point, however in my opinion this is really unexpected behavior. Sure, I can do some work to make it "safe", but shouldn't that be default. So throw an error without clearml.conf and expect CLEARML_USE_DEFAULT_SERVER=1 ` .

Posted 2 years ago

The current behavior is not fail safe.

Posted 2 years ago

throw an error when running without 


 which tells the user to run clearml-init first?

I would like potential users to be able to just run the example code and get the experience, or even integrate with their code, without the need to run a single configuration
(Basically to alleviate as many potential hurdles from getting users on board clearml)

Posted 2 years ago

It didn't revert. Just one of my colleagues that I wanted to introduce to clearml put his clearml.conf in the wrong directory and pushed his experiments to the public server.
So I do not blame clearml for this mistake, but generally designing the system to be fail-safe is better than hope that everything is used like it has been designed 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Makes sense
we need to figure what would be the easiest way to have an "opt-in" for the demo server, that will still make it a breeze to quickly test code integration ...
Any suggestions are welcomed 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Wouldn't it be enough to just require a call to clearml-init and throw an error when running without clearml.conf which tells the user to run clearml-init first?

Posted 2 years ago

Well, I guess no hurdles vs. safety is inherently no solvable. I am all for hurdles, if it is clear how to overcome it. And in my opinion referring to clearml-init is something which makes sense from a developer and a user perspective.

Posted 2 years ago

I guess no hurdles vs. safety is inherently no solvable.

Point taken, I reserve the option to comeback with alternative solutions 😉

Posted 2 years ago
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