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Greetings, I Have A Question About Provide Arguments To Docker, By Clearml-Agent Could I Provide An Argument For Docker Not In Clearml.Conf, But In The Start Daemon? For Example Clearml-Agent --Config-File ~/Clearml.Conf Daemon --Docker Agent-Image-Test 

I have a question about provide arguments to docker, by clearml-agent
Could I provide an argument for docker not in clearml.conf, but in the start daemon?
for example
clearml-agent --config-file ~/clearml.conf daemon --docker agent-image-test  “-v /home/trains/clearml-agent-data/3/.cache:/root/.cache”  --queue test --create-queue --foreground --gpus=3
Or I can do it only in clearml.conf? Or I have syntax problems?

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers 4

I think per task we use clearml-task? but yes, this needs permanently, like config clearml.conf we have 4 gpu, and for each, we have a separate cache
I don’t want to make 4 cleaml.conf files

Posted 3 years ago

we have a separate cache

Why? they can share

Posted 3 years ago

Is this per Task or for all the Tasks always ?

Posted 3 years ago

You can always specify diff clearml.conf files with --config-file 🙂

Posted 3 years ago
4 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago