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Hi, I Do The Following:

Hi, I do the following:
Task.get_current_logger.report_Text("blabla",level=logging.CRITICAL)And query said log with
client = APIClient() result = client.events.get_task_events(task=task_id, batch_size=1000, event_type="log")But the events I get have a event["level"] of DEBUG instead of CRITICAL, why is that?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hmm, let me check, there is a chance the level is dropped when manually reporting (it might be saved for internal critical reports). Regardless I can't see any reason we could not allow to control it.

Posted 2 years ago

How about a git Issue? It sounds like it could be useful 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Many thanks!

Posted 2 years ago

Great, it is quite important for my use case. If you could also allow task.get_reported_console_output()  to get a log level as input (or minimal log level), I'd be grateful.

Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago