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Hello Everyone, I Have A Question About Ssh/Credentials: Let'S Say I Have Multiple Users / Multiple Ssh Credentials That I Do Not Want To Share With The Clearml-Agent Workstations. Is There A Way To Send Credentials To The Agent In The Task? So For Exampl

Hello everyone, I have a question about SSH/credentials: Let's say I have multiple users / multiple ssh credentials that I do not want to share with the clearml-agent workstations. Is there a way to send credentials to the agent in the task? So for example user1 can send his credentials1 as part of the task to the agent, so the agent can then use these credentials to access the remote repository1. user2 can do the same and send his credentials2 as part of another task so the agent can access remote repository2. Ideally, no user can see each others credentials.

Posted 3 years ago
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So sharing with the agent is also not possible.

But they can see each others experiments, so why wouldn't the agent be able to have a read-only access ?
ReassuredTiger98 you can put your user/pass into the git URL link, but I'm not sure this will solve the privacy issue 😉

Posted 3 years ago

But yeah, I see the point of enterprise having this feature and basic not 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

Hi ReassuredTiger98

I do not want to share with the clearml-agent workstations.

Long story short, no 😞
The agent is responsible to spin all jobs, regardless of users, basically it has to have a read-only user for all the repositories. I "think" the enterprise version has a vault feature, that allows you to store these kind of secrets on the User itself.
What exactly is the use case?

Posted 3 years ago

Oh you are right. I did not think this through... To implement this properly it gets to enterprisy for me, so I ll just leave it for now :D

Posted 3 years ago

Just multiple users who do not share their repositories. So sharing with the agent is also not possible.

Posted 3 years ago
5 Answers
3 years ago
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