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Let'S Say I Have A Project Call Proj1 To Store Datasets With Type "Data Process".. What Is The Best Practice To Get The Latest Datasets ? Example, I Start The First Data (A). Then Using Clearml-Data, I Add Another Dataset (B) As Child To The Previous On

Let's say I have a project call Proj1 to store datasets with Type "Data Process".. What is the best practice to get the latest datasets ?
Example, I start the first data (A). Then using clearml-data, I add another dataset (B) as child to the previous one (A).. But this is the latest. So if i do Task.get_task(project_name='Proj1') , how to get B ?
Currently, I just add a tag to the final dataset ...

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi DeliciousBluewhale87 ,

You can just get a local copy of the dataset with ds.get_local_copy() , this will download the dataset from the dataset task (using cache) and return a path to the downloaded files.

Now, in this path you’ll have all the files that you have in the dataset, you can go over the files in the dataset with ds.list_files() (or ds.list_files()[0] if you have only 1 file) and get the one you want

maybe something like:

ds_path = ds.get_local_copy() iris_pickle_file_name = ds.list_files()[0] iris_pickle_path = os.path.join(ds_path, iris_pickle_file_name)Can this do the trick?

Posted 3 years ago

HI another qn,
dataset_upload_task = Task.get_task(task_id=args['dataset_task_id'])
iris_pickle = dataset_upload_task.artifacts['dataset'].get_local_copy()
How would I replicate the above for Dataset ? Like how to get the iris_pickle file. I did some hacking likewise below.
Subesequently, I have to load the file by name also.I wonder whether there is more elegant way

Posted 3 years ago

Hi DeliciousBluewhale87 ,

You can get the latest dataset by calling Dataset.get :

from clearml import Dataset ds = Dataset.get(dataset_project="dataset-project", dataset_name="dataset-task-name")This will return you the latest dataset from the project

Posted 3 years ago

Nice, tks

Posted 3 years ago

yeah, seems good for now.. Tks

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
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