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Hi, There Is A "Bug" Introduced In The Latest Version Of Clearml-Server: When An Experiment Is In "Full Screen View", In The Console Tab, The Auto Refreshing Of The Console Makes The Console Disappearing For A Short Moment. When The Console Reappears, The

Hi, there is a "bug" introduced in the latest version of clearml-server: when an experiment is in "full screen view", in the console tab, the auto refreshing of the console makes the console disappearing for a short moment. When the console reappears, the Y-scroll is automatically set to bottom (latest logs). This makes the scrolling of the logs in full screen difficult as each time the refresh is triggered, one has to restart scrolling up. A simple workaround is to disable auto refreshing atm 🙂

Posted 3 years ago
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Yes this extremely annoying, I think it was updated on the community server, let me check if we deployed a new docker with a fix ...

Posted 3 years ago