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I Was Running The Hyperparameter Optimization Code In Clearml. I Understand Iteration Is One Single Experiment But What Does The Other Parameters Refer To ? Like Compute Time, Iterations And Jobs And Time , What Do They Mean ?

I was running the hyperparameter optimization code in clearml. I understand Iteration is one single experiment but what does the other parameters refer to ? Like compute time, iterations and jobs and time , what do they mean ?

Posted 3 years ago
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This is my example. Iteration 10 so there are 10 runs. Looking at the 4th run, 60% of the jobs, 91% iteration, 94% time.. What does it mean ?

Posted 3 years ago

This means that you still have 94% of the total run time, 91% of the total iterations and 60% of the jobs in your HPO controller budget.

Posted 3 years ago

Hi DeliciousBluewhale87

compute time : The maximum compute time in minutes (sum of execution time on all machines). When time limit is exceeded, all jobs aborted.
jobs : set the maximum number of experiments for the optimization.
time : set the maximum time limit for the optimization process

Posted 3 years ago