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Hi, I’M Currently Running Clearml With Pytorch And Everytime I Run Into

Hi, i’m currently running clearml with pytorch and everytime i run into
torch.load(os.path.join(root, self.feat_pt))there’ll be a message:
Task connect, second input model is not supported, adding into comment section
the data can be successfully loaded, am i doing something wrong?

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers 4

Yes, i think trains might wrap the torch.load function, but the thing is that i need to load some part of the dataset using torch.load, so this error shows up many time during training, I found i can use this line:
task = Task.init(project_name="Alfred", task_name="trains_plot", auto_connect_frameworks={'pytorch': False})but does it mean i cannot monitor torch.load function any more?

Posted 3 years ago

Hi PompousHawk82 this is just a message letting you know the second model is documented in the experiment's description section (under INFO/Description in the UI)

Posted 3 years ago

PompousHawk82 unfortunately this is kind of binary, either you have full tracking of load/save operations or you do not.
This warning message will disappear in the next version as we will be able to log multiple models under the same Task :)

Posted 3 years ago

Thanks man!

Posted 3 years ago
4 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago