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Is There A Recommended Way To Deal With Clearml In Continuous Integration Pipelines? I Have An Integration Test Running In The Ci, But Now It Writes To The Public Demo Server

Is there a recommended way to deal with ClearML in Continuous Integration pipelines? I have an integration test running in the CI, but now it writes to the public demo server https://demoapp.demo.clear.ml/ . This is not really what I want

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi GreasyPenguin14 ,

You can specify the configuration api section with environment variables, look at https://github.com/allegroai/trains-actions-get-stats for example (just change the TRAINS prefix to CLEARML, e.g. TRAINS_API_ACCESS_KEY -> CLEARML_API_ACCESS_KEY)

Posted 3 years ago

Once you have those configure, the CI should use your server and not the demoapp

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago