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Hi! I Changed From Trains To Clearml And Ran Some Experiments Using Keras But It Seems The Metrics Are Not Being Tracked Automagically, Has Anyone Ran Into The Same Issue? I Can Even See The Metrics On The Progress Bar During The Fit Process.

Hi! I changed from trains to clearml and ran some experiments using keras but it seems the metrics are not being tracked automagically, has anyone ran into the same issue? I can even see the metrics on the progress bar during the fit process.

Posted 3 years ago
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Thanks TimelyPenguin76 , the example works fine! I’ll debug further on my side!

Posted 3 years ago

Hi GrievingTurkey78 ,

Can you try running https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/blob/master/examples/frameworks/keras/keras_tensorboard.py example? do you get metrics with it?

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago