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Hello, Is There A Way To Export Experiment Results From Multiple/All Experiments To Something Like A Csv File?

Hello, is there a way to export experiment results from multiple/all experiments to something like a csv file?

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers 3

Hi ImpressionableRaven99
In the UI the re is a download button when you hover over the graph.
Are you asking if there is a programmatic interface?
What is the use case for all experiments ?

Posted 3 years ago

WhimsicalLion91 I guess import/export is going to be more challenging, doable though. You will need to get all the Tasks, then collect all the artifacts, then collect all the reported logs (console/plots/etc). Then import everything back to your own server...
Exporting a single Task
task.export_task and Task.import_task
If you need all the scalars :
task.get_reported_scalars(...)And the console logs:

Posted 3 years ago

AgitatedDove14 I'd say that a specific use case is when using the demo server. you'd like to export all the data when you started with it and want to migrate to your own server without the hassle of running everything again.

Posted 3 years ago