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Hey I Have A Buggy Behavior With The Dictionary Hyper-Parameters Features Which I Think Is Related To Multi Config Support Feature. I Have A Template Task With Some Parameters Under The Prefix “Args”(This Is The Only Config Set In The Task) . And Inside

Hey i have a buggy behavior with the dictionary hyper-parameters features which i think is related to multi config support feature.

I have a template task with some parameters under the prefix “Args”(this is the only config set in the task) . and inside i have some ‘deep’ values like loaders/num_loaders etc.

In my code i have some default parameters and values. when task starts I call
args = task.connect(args, name="Args")when debugging internally the process after connect, it seems that because we set the name to “Args” the override mechanism looks only for parameters that starts with Args/ , but the task.get_parameter() function does not return the prefix with the parameters. when running get_parameters the prefix will appear only in a conflict with other config set which is not the case for us. I think it might be a bug but maybe we’re using it wrong. any ideas?

Posted 3 years ago
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args = task.connect(args, name="Args")Is "kind of" reserved section for argparse. Meaning you can always use it, but argparse will also push/pull things from there. Is there any specific reason for not using a different section name?

Posted 3 years ago

SlipperyDove40 following on the missing section name, this seems like backwards compatibility issue. Try calling with backwards_compatibility=False
my_params = Task.get_parameters(backwards_compatibility=False)This should always add the section name prefix.

Posted 3 years ago

Thanks! will check it out

Posted 3 years ago