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Are There Python Api Docs For Trains Hosted Anywhere? I'Ve Found Helpful Info In The Class Method Definitions That I Didn'T Find In The Main Docs/Examples

Are there python API docs for trains hosted anywhere? I've found helpful info in the class method definitions that I didn't find in the main docs/examples

Posted 3 years ago
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Ah yes this has it all 🙂 the method I was looking for: https://allegro.ai/docs/task.html#trains.task.Task.init thanks!

Posted 3 years ago

FYI the docs don't have everything, e.g. task.id isn't documented as a property on the https://allegro.ai/docs/task.html page--you have to look in the source code and follow the inheritance to obtain that information

Posted 3 years ago

BroadMole98 thank you for noticing !
I'll make sure it is fixed (a few other properties are also missing there, not sure why, I'll ask them to take a look)

Posted 3 years ago

The class documentation itself is also there under "References" -> "Trains Python Package"
Notice that due to a bug in the documentation (we are working on a fix) the reference part is not searchable in the main search bar

Posted 3 years ago

Hi CourageousWhale20
Most documentation is here https://allegro.ai/docs

Posted 3 years ago
5 Answers
3 years ago
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