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Is There Anywhere You Prefer To Have Feature Requests? I Understand It Might Not Be Core-Functionality, But I Would Love To Have A Way To View Code Diffs On My Runs. Sure, I Could Just Make Sure To Commit And Push Prior Any Run, But I Am Fallible.

Is there anywhere you prefer to have feature requests?

I understand it might not be core-functionality, but I would LOVE to have a way to view code DIFFs on my runs. Sure, I could just make sure to commit and push prior any run, but I am fallible.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi TrickyRaccoon92 ,
We'd appreciate any feature requests in GitHub issues.
As for code diffs - these are viewable in the experiment info page, under the Execution tab, in the UNCOMMITED CHANGES field.

Posted 3 years ago

Noted. Thanks SuccessfulKoala55 - I was aware of this, yet I didn’t think it would also compare in the comparison window - It does. My god, I love your product.

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
one year ago