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Hi, I'M Trying To Get Tensorboard Plots Into The Allegro Trains Server. Although I Followed The Example

Hi, I'm trying to get TensorBoard plots into the Allegro Trains server. Although I followed the example pytorch_tensorboard.py , all my plots are plotly plots. Do I need to configure something in addition to setting up the callbacks?

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi AgitatedDove14 , thanks for your reply.

I basically follow the example to use the SummaryWriter to add plots to the dashboard, however, the plots added are Plotly plots and not the tensorboard equivalent.

Posted 3 years ago

Hi TrickyRaccoon92 , TB is automatically collected and converted into data stored on the system The UI uses plotly to display the data itself (on your web browser).
You still have the original TB protobuf file, if you want to dive deeper and debug the data (it is not automatically uploaded, but some users do upload it as additional artifact on the experiment)
Make sense ?

Posted 3 years ago

I guess I got confused since the color choices in

One of the most beloved features we added 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

Many thanks! Got to say; You’ve made and are making a killer of a product!

Posted 3 years ago

TrickyRaccoon92 I'm not sure I follow, TB do show? and you want to add additional plotly plot ?

Posted 3 years ago

TrickyRaccoon92 Thanks you so much! 😊

Posted 3 years ago

Oh okay, so you’re saying the UI will always use plotly to display the data? I guess I got confused since the color choices in https://allegro.ai/docs/examples/frameworks/pytorch/pytorch_tensorboard/ made it look like the TensorBoard graphs.

Posted 3 years ago
7 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago