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Hello, I Have A Question Regarding Custom Modules- How Can I Successfully Import My Own Modules(From Other Folders Within The Same Root Directory) In The Venv When I'M Running A Pipeline Using Trains-Agent? I Keep Getting The

Hello, I have a question regarding custom modules- How can I successfully import my own modules(from other folders within the same root directory) in the venv when I'm running a pipeline using trains-agent? I keep getting the no module named <my-module-name> error. (I have not configured git access yet so I'm queueing tasks and pipelines from my local development machine and then executing them with a trains-agent daemon). My working directory is '.'

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi GiddyTurkey39 , I assume you're running a single script, right? if you're not using Git, and as long as you're using the same local development machine to run the agent, you should be able to add the required folders to the system's PYTHON_PATH environment variable. This should allow you to import them in your code.

Posted 3 years ago