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Hello Everyone! I'D Like To Mount Some Data On Trains Agent Into Docker Container Directory That Contains Cloned Source Code From Repo, Like This:

Hello everyone!

I'd like to mount some data on trains agent into docker container directory that contains cloned source code from repo, like this:

BASE DOCKER IMAGE: my_image:my_tag -v /trains/agent/data/path:${SOURCE_DIR}/data/path

Is there an equivalent of ${SOURCE_DIR} variable?

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers 3

Thanks AgitatedDove14 , already figured it out, but trains removed all data from mounted directory during repo checkout, so I ended up switching to absolute paths in my trainloop

Posted 3 years ago

BTW: generally speaking the default source dir inside a docker will be:
for example:

Posted 3 years ago

Hi ProudMosquito87
so you mean to mount your data folder onto the the docker so that the code could access it, correct?
If that is the case, is there a specific version not to use absolute path? (e.g. /mnt/data/mine )?

Posted 3 years ago
3 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago