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Is There An Example (Preferably With Pytorch) That Includes A Validation Split With Tensorboard(X)? The Examples Only Do Train / Test Splits, Which First Do The Whole Train Step, Then Once The Test Step. While The Validate Step Should Be Similar To Test

Is there an example (preferably with PyTorch) that includes a validation split with TensorBoard(X)? The examples only do Train / Test splits, which first do the whole Train step, then once the Test step.

While the Validate step should be similar to Test step, I want it to be plotted together with the Train accuracy. What is the proper way of doing this with Trains?

Posted 4 years ago
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Answers 2

Hi DefeatedCrab47

If you are referring to this example, examples/frameworks/tensorboardx/pytorch_tensorboardX.py, it does have only test and train steps.

If you like to plot validation together with the train, you can have the same prefix, for example when using writer.add_scalar('<prefix>/Test_Loss', ...), like in this example - https://demoapp.trains.allegro.ai/projects/bb21d73db5634e6d837724366397b6e2/experiments/f46160152ee54ff9863bb2efe554a6b1/output/metrics/scalar

Posted 4 years ago

Ah I see, it's based on a naming scheme, thanks. Sorry I forgot to link the tutorial I was looking at: https://allegro.ai/docs/examples/frameworks/pytorch/pytorch_tensorboard/

Posted 4 years ago
2 Answers
4 years ago
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