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Hey Everyone - I’M Trying To Run Trains On An Aws Lambda Function. To Purpose Is Just To Query My Trains Agent For Some Stats [# Of Experiments, Workers, Etc] Using The Backend Api. The Problem Is That Aws Lambda Have A Limitation Of 250Mb For A Codebas

Hey everyone - i’m trying to run trains on an AWS Lambda function. to purpose is just to query my trains agent for some stats [# of experiments, workers, etc] using the backend API. the problem is that AWS Lambda have a limitation of 250MB for a codebase and trains includes very heavy dependencies [like plotly for example]. i tried to package it without plotly but trains checking for it and the process fails. is there any way to use trains in a leaner setting?

Posted 4 years ago
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Answers 6

the limit is for post install/build by pip.

Posted 4 years ago

BTW: trains-agent is leaner, and does not need plotly. And you can use the APIClient to basically query the entire system, would that be a better solution? See https://github.com/allegroai/trains-agent/blob/master/examples/archive_experiments.py

Posted 4 years ago

thanks. I’ll try it this way

Posted 4 years ago

SlipperyDove40 I just installed a fresh copy py3.6 and plotly on ubuntu. the entire venv dir is ~86MB

Posted 4 years ago

This is the numbers i’m getting:
du -sh ./plotly
125M ./plotly

du -sh ./numpy
50M ./numpy

Posted 4 years ago

Hi SlipperyDove40
plotly is about 4Mb... trains about 0.5MB what'd the breakdown of the packages ? This seems far away from 250Mb limit

Posted 4 years ago
6 Answers
4 years ago
one year ago