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Hey Guys, Thanks For Creating Slack Workspace, That'S Really Cool. Question - Are We Missing Smth Or Is Currently Not Possible To Pass S3 Credentials Via Env Variables? We Forked Trains And Added A Simple Fix (

hey guys, thanks for creating Slack workspace, that's really cool. question - are we missing smth or is currently not possible to pass S3 credentials via env variables? we forked trains and added a simple fix ( https://github.com/FscoreLab/trains/blob/master/trains/storage/helper.py#L216 ), but maybe it's already there?

Posted 4 years ago
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Hi DilapidatedDucks58 ! We've just released Trains v0.13.3 which includes support for obtaining AWS credentials from the environment 🙂

Posted 4 years ago

Hi DilapidatedDucks58 ! You are quite right, and we actually have a very similar change we'll be releasing soon 🙂

Posted 4 years ago


Posted 4 years ago
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4 years ago
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