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Hi Clearml.-Community! How Do You Ensure That Clearml-Agent Does Not Fill Up The Disk With Docker Images If Your Users Use Different Images. Is There In Option In Clearml-Agent Or Docker That Only Keeps Images For Caching Purposes Up To Some Space Limit A

Hi clearml.-community!
How do you ensure that clearml-agent does not fill up the disk with docker images if your users use different images. Is there in option in clearml-agent or docker that only keeps images for caching purposes up to some space limit and otherwise deletes them after the container is not needed anymore?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Hi ReassuredTiger98 , this is not yet possible in clearml-agent, but I'm sure you can add some cron job to handle that using the docker command line

Posted one year ago

Thank you for the quick reply. Maybe anyone knows whether there is an option to let docker delete images after container exit?

Posted one year ago

Or better some cache option. Otherweise the cron job is what I will use 🙂 Thanks again

Posted one year ago