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Hello, I Just Deployed A Clearml-Agent Into A K8S Cluster With Minimal Custom Configuration Where A Clearml-Server Is Already Deployed. The Configurations Values Used Are As Follows:

Hello, I just deployed a clearml-agent into a k8s cluster with minimal custom configuration where a clearml-server is already deployed. The configurations values used are as follows:
access_key & secret_key queue: ‘ default ’Unfortunately, I can’t execute any task even though the agent has been registered on the correct queue. Each time i put a task on the ‘ default ’ queue, the agent move those tasks into the ‘ k8s_scheduler ’ queue.
I didn’t create the queue ‘ k8s_scheduler ’, is it necessary? How do i use this queue? I don’t have a ‘ services ’ queue, is it necessary? How do I create one? Do i need to add more values in the agent config deploy?

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago