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Hello I Am Running Code Using Git For Custom Module Inclusion, Now If I Clone The Experiment And Change The Code In It Gives Me Git Difference Error. And Will I Have To Run The Code Manually Every Time When I Do Git Commit?

I am running code using git for custom module inclusion, now if i clone the experiment and change the code in it gives me git difference error. And will i have to run the code manually every time when i do git commit?

Posted one year ago
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Hi ShaggySquirrel23 , if you run the experiment locally when you have a local git diff, ClearML will log this diff in the task (as well as the commit ID of the latest commit on which the diff has to be applied).
I'm not sure what I see in the log you attached - is this the output of clearml-agent? what is the exact flow you are using?

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago