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Hi There, I Recently Updated Clearml Server To 1.7.0, And Found The Following

⚠️ Hi there, I recently updated clearml server to 1.7.0, and found the following critical regression:
When I reset an experiment, it is actually deleted 😵 , not even archived, just deleted. You can see the screenshot here, the popup shows reset but it's actually deleted. Then the tasks stays in Draft mode for a couple of seconds (the time it takes to be deleted on database), and it finally disappears.
I did not test in 1.8.0, but I had a look at the changelog and it doesn't seem to be fixed

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Oh yes, you probably have sorting or filter applies there :)

Posted one year ago

Wait @<1523701066867150848:profile|JitteryCoyote63>
If you reset the Task you would have lost the artifacts anyhow, how is that different?

Posted one year ago

Hey @<1523701205467926528:profile|AgitatedDove14> , Actually I just realised that I was confused by the fact that when the task is reset, because of the sorting it disappears, making it seem like it was deleted. I think it's a UX issue: When I click on reset.

  • The pop shows "Deleting 100%"
  • The task disappears in the list of tasks because of the sortingThis led me to thing that there was a bug and the task was deleted
Posted one year ago