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Is There A Way To Change The Smoothing Algorithm? I Would Expect Extreme Smoothing To Converge To The Global Average Of A Scalar Plot, Not To The Value Of The First Dot.

Is there a way to change the smoothing algorithm? I would expect extreme smoothing to converge to the global average of a scalar plot, not to the value of the first dot.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 7

Different series should have different smoothing intensity. This is impossible to tell in advance of looking on charts.

I realize this is the frontend , so maybe it is impossible to change right now. Really don't understand how to use clearml as a dashboard to compare runs without reliable smoothing.

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1536518770577641472:profile|HighElk97>

Is there a way to change the smoothing algorithm?

Just like with TB, this is front-end, not really something you can control ...
That said you can report a smoothed value (i.e. via python) as additional series, wdyt ?

Posted one year ago

have absolutely zero experience with .ts , sorry about that (
not sure, if this will fix the issue for me, though:
still will need the simple average and the gaussian smoothing (useful for uneven x-spacing between points).

Posted one year ago

As for the TB you are mentined, they have a debiased version

Posted one year ago

But I actually have very limited experience with TB. Wandb's way (running avg) works very well for all ML researchers I have encountered so far

Posted one year ago

Just for the reference, smoothing implementations in wandb

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
one year ago