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Hi Everyone ! I Am Running Clearml-Agent In Docker Mode. Right Now In My Clearml.Config I Have Following Section:

Hi everyone !
I am running clearml-agent in docker mode. Right now in my clearml.config I have following section:

api {
    # Notice: 'host' is the api server (default port 8008), not the web server.




I use reference to containers based on their ip (i got it from docker inspect ). However, after reboot their ip adress may change between the services. I tried to refer to api_server and others based on container name and port ( None ). This did not work and led to:
clearml_agent: ERROR: Connection Error: it seems *api_server* is misconfigured. Is this the ClearML API server None ?
Any idea?

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1523701181375844352:profile|ExasperatedCrocodile76>
the docker containers should get the host IP, not the internal docker IP. what am I missing ?

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago