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Hi Everyone. We Have A Clearml Server Set Up Pretty Similar As With The

Hi everyone.

We have a clearml server set up pretty similar as with the docker-compose.yml from the github-repo including the agent-services container. I have a service-task (extension of cleanup_service example). I can't find out how to pass my custom clearml.conf file to the container executing the task - it always generates a file like .clearml_agent.clearml-services%3Aservice%3A5bae69352f6c4c2496ddcb455d410830.cfg and mounts this into the container executing the task.
Already tried mounting my clearml.conf file into the agent-services container hoping it would be used as a template for the generated cfg files but without success. Any idea on how this can be done?

Posted one year ago
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I can't find out how to pass my custom clearml.conf

Hi @<1544491301435609088:profile|TeenyElk27>
The easiest is to map it into the container in your docker-compose
(map a host clearml.conf into /root/clearml.conf inside the container)

Posted one year ago