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One For The Backlog, In The Clearml Serving Tutorial At The

One for the backlog, in the ClearML Serving tutorial at the Registering & Deploying New Models Manually step, the code snippet given in 1. is

clearml-serving --id <service_id> model upload --name "manual sklearn model" --project "serving examples" --framework "scikit-learn" --path examples/sklearn/sklearn-model.pkl

but should have the framework as

--framework "scikitlearn"

it does give a clear error so easy to fix when encountered.

Bonus points for this one - earlier on in Step 1: Train Model the instruction is to run

python3 examples/sklearn/train_model.py

which can be ran from anywhere (I ran it from my root folder - so the model got saved there and I had to use --pathsklearn-model.pkl instead of examples/sklearn/... so could be beneficial to add a note around that in the instructions.

Posted one year ago
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Thanks @<1550289509273309184:profile|CooperativeBeetle24> , we'll take a look 👍

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago
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