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Qq - Is There A Way To Control

qq - is there a way to control clearml-agent workers running on remote machines from the machine running clearml-server ? (either by GUI or CLI).
The use case - I have multiple workers and queues on several remote machines and also a few workers on the same machine that runs the clearml-server . Sometime I want to make some changes across the board and currently there is no solution for that.

I tried clearml-agent daemon -d --queue my_queue --stop worker_name and this only covers workers on the same machine where the command was run. Since the GUI has no worker control, I have to manually connect to each remote machine and kill the workers myself.

Overall, my experience with --stop is that it is not a very reliable flag. I ended up killing workers I did not want to and it is unclear how it choses which worker to stop when no worker_name is given to the command.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Ideally, I would've wanted to use the GUI to sent shutdown/restart signals to the worker itself similar to what I currently do with tasks. From I understand, this is not possible so I would settle for maybe just adding an easier way to find what command to run to kill a certain worker. Even a simple button in the workers/queues GUI to copy a worker's ID and Name would make things easier.

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1523701235335565312:profile|HugeArcticwolf77> , currently the clearml-agents are clients, so the server can see them and report their status, but each one functions independently - although that has its purpose, I do see your issue and appreciate the use-case. What sort of a solution do you have in mind?

Posted one year ago