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Hey Guys, I Have Set Up A Clearml Pipeline For My Simple Isolation Forest Model. But I Have Been Receiving This Error.

Hey guys, I have set up a clearml pipeline for my simple isolation forest model. But I have been receiving this error.

ValueError: Could not find queue named "services"

I have set the default execution queue as "default" .


I am not sure what services queue means here. Can anyone help me?

Posted 8 months ago
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Answers 4

By default, the queue is set to "services" in the start() method

Posted 8 months ago

Hi @<1552101447716311040:profile|SteadySeahorse58>

ValueError: Could not find queue named "services"

Did you set an agent / auto-scaler ? where is the pipeline and its components will be running ?

Posted 8 months ago

i found the issue. I need to pass the queue name to pipe.start() as


I thought setting the default execution already takes care of this.

Posted 8 months ago

If you are using the "default" queue for the agent, notice you might need to run the agent with --services-mode to allow for multiple pipeline components on the same machine

Posted 8 months ago
4 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago