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Hey Guys While Trying To Serve, Following:

Hey guys
while trying to serve, following: None

after running :

cd docker && docker-compose --env-file example.env -f docker-compose.yml up 

i get many errors that looks like:
raise LoginError('Unrecognized Authentication Error: {} {}'.format(type(ex), ex))
clearml-serving-inference | clearml.backend_api.session.session.LoginError: Unrecognized Authentication Error: <class 'requests.exceptions.InvalidSchema'> No connection adapters were found for '" None "/auth.login'

is that ok? why is this happening?

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1544853695869489152:profile|NonchalantOx99>
I would assume the clearml-server configuration / access key is misconfigured in your copy of example.env

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago