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Hi All, Does Anyone Know How To Pass

Hi all, does anyone know how to pass iam_role or iam_name to the aws_autoscaler.py example? I pass these in when registering config from a yaml file, execute remotely with them in the UI as hyper_params, but these attributes don't make their way to the boto3.client("ec2").run_instances(**launch_specification) .

Posted 5 months ago
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Hi @<1523701823330848768:profile|NaughtyFish36> , if you're asking about the examples that comes as part of the ClearML SDK, this does not support AWS IAM instance profile (through which you would probably set a role for the instances).
This is supported in the version we have in app.clear.ml (and also in enterprise versions).

Posted 5 months ago

Ok, thanks!

Posted 5 months ago
2 Answers
5 months ago
5 months ago