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Hi, I Am Using Two Different Environment For Mlops And Model Training. I Have Setup The Agent In The Training Environment. I Can Start The Queue Using Command 'Clearml-Agent Daemon --Queue Default' And That Works Perefectly, Whenever I Run A Pipeline Fro


I am using two different environment for mlops and model training. I have setup the agent in the training environment. I can start the queue using command 'clearml-agent daemon --queue default' and that works perefectly, whenever I run a pipeline from mlops it works fine.
But now I am trying to implement a startup script for 'clearml-agent daemon --queue default' so that whenever the training system starts/restarts the agent queue also starts. I used /etc/rc.local and added a single line to execute a single line script 'clearml-agent daemon --queue default'. But in this case queue starts but does not work properly, whenever I am using any nvidia tao command through pipeline I get a error "The input device is not a TTY".

However if I run clearml-agent daemon --queue default from terminal; then all tao commands from clearml pipeline works perfectly. DOnt understand why it does not work when setup as startup script using rc.local.

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1561885927150718976:profile|ScantSeaurchin24> , why can't the agent stay up all the time?

Posted one year ago

I would assume you'll need the --detached flag for this?

Posted one year ago