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For Clearml Storage We Want To Store Data In Multiple Places:

For ClearML storage we want to store data in multiple places:

  • Data versioning: data will be pushed to NAS (since NAS has backup mechanism)
  • Experiment artifacts: data will be pushed to local storage of server (since these are intermediate results, thus speed matters more)
    => how could this be configured? Thanks ahead for the help.
Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1560798754280312832:profile|AntsyPenguin90> , for Data versioning, you mean where ClearML Dataset files are uploaded? If so, you can just create an NFS mount on the training machine and point the output_uri there

Posted one year ago

yeap, but could it support 2 location at the same time?

  • output_uri_A: for data versioning
  • output_uri_B: for data of experiment artifacts
Posted one year ago