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I Want To Upload Models To The Server, But Store Data Locally Like Dvc, And Only Manage Data Meta-Information In Clearml. What Should I Do?

I want to upload models to the server, but store data locally like DVC, and only manage data meta-information in clearML.
What should I do?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

I see if this is the case try to set
Notice it has to have the full path there and the file:// prefix

Posted one year ago

Maybe that would save the model locally too?

When I tested in
I set
dataset.upload(output_url='. /data_upload_test')
it was also uploaded to the server configured in clearml.conf file. I want to stop this.Should I just not upload the dataset?

I want to upload models to a remote server, but,
I want to store the dataset locally and do not want to upload the dataset itself to the remote server.
If possible, I want to upload the meta-information of the dataset to the remote server.

In other words, I want to manage models and datasets in separate locations.

What should I do?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1561885941545570304:profile|PunyKangaroo87>
What do mean by store data locally?
Like clearml-data? I.e Dataset?
You can always use file:///root/path/folder as destination, this will store everything into the local folder, is that it?

Posted one year ago